ACCurate is our unique third generation thermo-hydraulic system calculation tool for air-cooled condensers.

Our tool is based on more than 15 years of experience and is available under licence.




Our web-based solution provides location-independent access to project data and offers more flexibility to the sales and project team. The database provides an overview of all projects and their processing and revision status. Relevant data is downloaded in the form of EXCEL worksheets.


The implemented solutions are provided to resolve the flow behaviour along the flow path. Changes to pipe diameters or heat exchanger bundle arrangements can be resolved immediately and the flow behaviour visualised graphically. The pressure drop and heat transfer correlations used for the single-row air-cooled condenser tubes with flat (rectangular) base tubes and brazed aluminium fins are validated using laboratory and field measurements from our ongoing research and development team.


In addition, the simulation functions provide the flexibility needed to investigate how the air-cooled condenser behaves under challenging environmental conditions or different operating modes such as partial load, fan shutdown or street shutdown.